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Fortunately, there is a free tool called Dependency Walker (depends.exe) that is designed to reveal which drivers are dependent on others.

Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped the tool, run and use the file pull-down menu to open the driver you are concerned about. Dependency Walker (click to enlarge) The third most frequent type of Windows server crash is related to stack overflow conditions when too many filter drivers are installed.

The problem comes about in much the same way antivirus driver incompatibility does.

When vendor-specific drivers are modified they must be retested with the current version of Storport to ensure they are still compatible.

Reading the stack from the bottom up, we see an Nt Create File call that ultimately involves the buggydrv filter driver, which caused the bugcheck (the driver name has been changed to not incriminate the culprit). lmi buggydrv command shows us the date of the driver is from 2006, while the operating system -- Windows Server 2003 SP2 -- wasn’t released until 2007. The next most frequent type of server crash you can experience is caused by incompatible storage drivers.

Now we know that the old antivirus driver was never tested against the new version of the operating system. As you may know, third-party storage vendors provide device drivers to control their host bus adapters (HBAs) and are used to access storage devices.

The problem comes about when these kernel functions or data structures are changed by developers between versions of the operating system, such as service pack updates or major OS releases.

As you can see below, the tool reveals that the Hpcisss2 driver is dependent on both STORPORT. We already know that antivirus drivers are considered filter drivers.

The same is true when Storport is updated -- all the HBA drivers must be retested to ensure they still function with the new Storport driver.

This can be a real challenge when you consider that Storport had over 50 hotfixes in Windows Server 2003.

These functions and data structures contain a predefined set of arguments and data types that are expected to be present when called by the corresponding device drivers.

If the function is passed the wrong data type or an incorrect number of arguments, an error can occur that may cause a system crash in kernel mode.

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buggydrv 0x8390 buggydrv 0x8809 buggydrv 0x2940 nt! Vendors like Qlogic, Emulex and Hewlett-Packard (HP) have different device drivers, but they all depend on a Microsoft driver called Storport.