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“Do a Google image search to see if his or her profile is using pictures pulled from somewhere or someone other than him or herself.” This is the first step, but if you are going to meet up with this person, it’s sometimes a good idea to dig a little deeper (see tip number five).

If the person you’re talking to starts to make you feel uncomfortable, don’t try to be polite.

“Use reputable dating sites that offer the ability to email prospective dates using a service that conceals both parties’ true email addresses,” Neate says.

There are even some specifically for online dating, like Luv Fax.” Stewart encourages you to do a little research beforehand, as long as you don’t tell your date about it!Bigger sites don't have to, but if they do, you know you can find information on how to contact them to complain or have some recourse.” You never know who’s reading your profile, so you should always be mindful of how much information you are disclosing.“Don't include any personal information, [such as] your last name, what dorm you live in, what sorority you are a part of,” Stewart says.Dating sites and apps have gotten increasingly popular among college students like us over the last few years.Maybe you’ve found yourself creating an Ok Cupid account or taking Tinder more seriously when you had originally got the app just for fun. After all, you never really know whom you’re talking to.

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“Some sites let you block or report aggressive or inappropriate users,” Stewart says.

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