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Javier married to Margarita, a girl from high society and has a son, Andres.

Andres and Paquita have been really good childhood friends and they go to the same school.

The fourth and the fifth candles are Rina Marcela and Anibal, a rich landlord who falls in love with Paquita.

An incident causes Paquita to lose her memories and Rina Marcela and her father Ramon take the opportunity to send Paquita to a mental home.

Their marriage lives short, Alejandro dies in a skydiving accident.

The third candle represents Tatiana Martin, a horror novelist.

One night she is gang raped by three men including a club owner and a butcher.She gets pregnant but can't tell which one of the rapists is the father.Carolina Hidalgo, Javier's mother, uses the incident to separate Javier and Soledad, by telling him that Soledad has betrayed him.Paquita is bullied by Rina Marcela because she's poor, fatherless, and has skin rash all over her face and body.But mostly, it's because Rina Marcela has feeling for Andres.

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