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Inside they found the copies of 1,929 classified documents including secret correspondence between Franklin D. Kent was also found in possession of what became known as Ramsay's Red Book.This book had details of the supporters of the Right Club and had been given to Kent for safe keeping.Our first objective was to clear the Conservative Party of Jewish influence, and the character of our membership and meetings were strictly in keeping with this objective." By 1940 Miller had become one of the most important figures in the Right Club.Maxwell Knight asked Miller to keep a close watch on Anna Wolkoff who was suspected of being a German spy.Liddell immediately had a meeting with Joseph Kennedy, the American Ambassador in London.Kennedy agreed to waive Kent's diplomatic immunity and on 20th May, 1940, the Special Branch raided his flat.Or in the leader's words of "co-ordinating the work of all the patriotic societies".In his autobiography, The Nameless War (1955), Archibald Ramsay , the founder of the Right Club, argued: "The main object of the Right Club was to oppose and expose the activities of Organized Jewry, in the light of the evidence which came into my possession in 1938.

This was followed by the post of an office girl at Elizabeth Arden.Soon afterwards, MI8, the wireless interception service, picked up messages between Rome and Berlin that indicated that Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of German military intelligence (Abwehr), now had copies of the Roosevelt-Churchill correspondence Soon afterwards Wolkoff asked Miller if she would use her contacts at the Italian Embassy to pass a coded letter to William Joyce (Lord Haw-Haw) in Germany.The letter contained information that he could use in his broadcasts on Radio Hamburg.Before passing the letter to her contacts, Miller showed it to Maxwell Knight.On 18th May, Knight told Guy Liddell about the Right Club spy ring.

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Knight explained he wanted her to spy on the Right Club.