Gridview rowupdating oldvalues empty christian dating site hacked

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Gridview rowupdating oldvalues empty

As first, we are indicating the cell as read only, after that we are casing the control to an ASPx Text Box (which is the right control for these columns) and setting several parameters in order to make the editing look proper.The most important thing is that we are assigning to each of editing cells a client side event Key Down, in which we will manage the persistence. If Enter (13) key is pressed meanwhile we are in one of editing cells, we will prevent the defaults for this action and call Update Edit method on our grid.Still there are a couple of tricks that we will see in the following lines.In order to start editing a certain row, we can choose the way we are going to start this action.We will write down methods that will allow us to update, add and remove the credit card entities.public static bool Add New Credit Card(string credit Card Name) public static bool Update Credit Card(int credit Card Id, string credit Card Name) public static string Get Credit Card(int credit Card Id) public static bool Remove Credit Card(int credit Card Id) This code is pretty straight forward.Still I will let you discover them and invent new ones.

You can find on Devexpress support web site several issues that are speaking about this behavior and why of it. Define the following server side event: What we defined here is checking if the cells that are going in edit mode are the one we are aiming to put in edit (not the Name and Total columns) and if so we are setting a couple of properties.

We need to attach the following method to the Row Updating event: What happens in this event is that a request for updating rows is sent.

We will receive the old values that (of interested updating columns) and the new one that were chosen by the user, in a form of Ordered Dictionaries, exposed by two properties in our event argument.

Just call Start Edit Row Java Script method that is defined on the grid (in this case I’m using s and not the Client Instance Name in order to access the grid methods, but here is basically the same) and pass the visible index of the row that we intend to put in edit mode.

Kindly this even will provide us the visible index via the function parameter which will indicate the row that user double clicked.

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In this post we will continue adding functionality on our previous example.

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