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Throughout its history, Brno's locals also referred to the town in other languages, including Brünn in German, ברין (Brin) in Yiddish and Bruna in Latin.

The city was also referred to as Brunn ( and Brno became one of the centres of Moravia along with Olomouc and Znojmo.

Brno was first mentioned in Cosmas' Chronica Boëmorum dated to year 1091, when Bohemian king Vratislav II besieged his brother Conrad at Brno castle.

In the mid 11th century, Moravia was divided into three separate territories; each one of them had its own ruler, coming from the Přemyslids dynasty, but independent of the other two, and subordinated only to the Bohemian ruler in Prague.

During the German occupation of the Czech lands between 19 all Czech universities including those of Brno were closed by the Nazis.

The Faculty of Law became the headquarters of the Gestapo, and the university dormitory was used as a prison.

These assemblies made political, legal, and financial decisions.Seven years later, Brno became the capital of the Land of Moravia-Silesia (Czech: země Moravskoslezská).In 1930, 200,000 inhabitants declared themselves to be of Czech, and some 52,000 of German nationality, in both cases including the respective Jewish citizens.In the years 1859-1864 the city fortification was almost completely removed.In 1869 a horsecar service started to operate in Brno, it was the first tram service in what would later become the Czech republic.

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The other large preserved castle near the city is Veveří Castle by Brno Reservoir.

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