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Dating site tips reddit news

Four years later, her hair transformation is going viral.Last week, Reddit user capslockramen posted a before and after photo on the site's subreddit r/curlyhair.Achieving her enviable head of curls wasn't as simple as ditching the flat iron and salon treatments.The woman got haircuts every three months until the original damage was gone and researched and experimented with products and techniques to find a routine that worked for her.Hundreds of Redditors have taken to the comments section in agreement with the teacher, suggesting most adults lack the right knowledge to help children navigate the Internet...Dog, Maggie, waits for her owner to come upstairs to turn down the bed, tuck her in and put her to sleep.

The 22-year-old vlogger posted a clip to his channel that saw him discovering a dead body in Japan's Aokigahara Forest, an area known as the site of frequent suicides.I owe my success with this method to them, specifically my college roommates, who have shared their techniques and products with me over the last four years,' she wrote. Scrunch in generous amount of Miss Jessie's Multi-Cultural Curls cream.5. Her journey has proved relatable and inspiring for many other users on Reddit.The post has received nearly 800 largely positive comments. While there are those who have expressed their disbelief at the time and effort that goes into perfecting a mane of ringlets, we'd venture to say that for capslockramen, every minute in her regimen is a minute well spent.She reveals in the post that she washes her hair three to four times per week with sulfate-free products and then begins a regimen that takes 30 minutes from start to finish.First, she squeezes the excess water from her hair, flips her head upside down and applies Cantu leave-in conditioner. She then removes additional water with a cotton t-shirt that she wraps her hair in. Put the heat settings on warm (not hot) with the speed on high10. This part usually takes me like 20 minutes (definitely have to take breaks so all the blood doesn't rush to my head and make me pass out).11.

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In the left side of the photo, her hair is bleached blonde and damaged and in the right, her curls are springy and frizz-free.

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