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Dating breadwinner wives

The thought of him using my money to take some twenty-something to dinner at Sheekey grates so much I’d rather battle on.” According to Suzanne Doyle-Morris, the author of Female Breadwinners: How They make Relationships Work and Why They Are the Future of the Modern Workforce, such couples often run into trouble because their relationships lack reciprocity.

“In my experience, the couples with a female breadwinner who are happiest are those where both contribute.

“If you’d told me when I was 22 I’d still be working at this insane pace 25 years later, I would have said you were crazy,” she says, sitting in a café in one of her many Donna Karan suits at 7.30am, the only time she could meet me in a typically hectic week.

I used to worry my colleagues thought less of me for seeing relatively little of my children, though no one ever said anything directly, but I’m far from the only woman working this hard, and at least my children are with a parent.

I wouldn’t have liked to have them entirely brought up by nannies, which is usually the case in our world.

This is partly because more men’s jobs than women’s were claimed by the recession, partly because women are now more employable than men.

Next year 75 per cent of graduates will be female, leaving the most prestigious careers theirs for the taking.

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“But now they’re all at school, I feel Alex should get a job. I’ve been nagging him to find something, even a few hours in the local supermarket, but he says I’m ridiculous. My male colleagues don’t ask their stay-at-home wives to work in supermarkets.