Christian dating over 40 san antonio

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Christian dating over 40 san antonio

At age 2, which is when I learned to read, I memorized all the books of the Bible and other verses.By the age of 6, I had already read the entire Bible twice, both in Spanish and English.

They have been employed from the fourth century as a symbol expressing the confidence of orthodox Christians in the scriptural proofs of Our Lord's divinity.

The last time I "went out" on a Friday night was to go grocery shopping 😂😂😂😂.

I've always loved to fish, and I also go jogging at night when I can. I rock a mohawk since I don't care to look like the rest I enjoy the outdoors going hiking riding bikes, fishing, playing sports, and taking a walks in the park. But also like some down time and watching a good movie with someone.

I like to study the King James Bible as much as I can. I might be willing to watch a movie once in a great while as long as it benefits my bible studies.

All I'm missing in my life is a God fearing woman that will spend the rest of her life with me :-) well my hear and soul belong to jesus christ, my lord and savior.

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